Review: Tanya Burr’s Lips and Nails.


As pretty much every single beauty blogger knows, the lovely Miss Tanya Burr has recently created her own mini beauty range, featuring lip glosses and nail polishes. Tanya is one of my favourite bloggers and my love for makeup/beauty was encouraged forward by watching her YouTube videos! I was really excited to try out her new range, so I opted to order two lip polishes and two nail varnishes.

I was very disappointed with – where they are exclusively sold (they are also set to be sold in Superdrug shortly). I made the order the day the range was launched, 30th January 2014. With previous orders with feelunique, my items were always dispatched within around 3 days and would arrive one or two days after that. The products took over two weeks to arrive, as they were dispatched on the 12th February and arrived on the 15th. I had a few emails from the website explaining that due to the unexpectedly thigh demand there would be a delay… For me it was obvious that Tanya Burr’s range would be extremely popular and I would have hoped that they would have been aware of this. Oh well, on with the review!

The lip glosses sell at £6.99 and the nail polishes at £5.99. I was really impressed with the colour ranges, as they cover a wide variety even with only 10 lip glosses and 12 nail varnishes, they cover a broad range of style. I must say that I was more excited about the nail polishes, because I’m just not that big on lipgloss.


Left: Penguin Chic; Right: New York Night

I was immediately drawn to the nail colour ‘Penguin Chic’, because it reminded me of one of my very favourite colours by Nails Inc, called ‘Granville Place’. It’s a greyish brown colour, and is incredibly sophisticated looking. I really love this kind of colour as it looks classy on the nails and I guess is a good dupe for the Nails Inc one as it is quite a bit cheaper. It’s great for this time of year, however would be acceptable in all seasons! ‘New York Night’, is a really gorgeous deep maroon-purple. To me it is a expensive looking and classic take on an off black nail colour, which I have been seeing in people more and more recently. I love the little bottles of the nail polishes, they look smart on ones dressing table. The formula is great, and goes on the nail opaque in the first coat, which is something I always look for.


Left: Champagne Toast; Right: Afternoon Tea

I liked the look of the colours of the lip glosses on the website, and went for two nude-pink colours, one with shimmer one not. ‘Afternoon Tea’, does not have shimmer and is the kind of colour I would use as an every day gloss. On the lips it was a lot pinker than I expected, it was pigmented however I found it looked quite like a baby pink more than a nude pink on my lips – for some this may be great but for me I wasn’t too impressed. The formula however was gorgeous and I really love the applicator as it picks up the right amount of product and is bendy so that you can apply with maximum precision. The glosses also do not feel too wet or sticky on the lips, which is always helpful! I have found that as far as lip glosses go, they last pretty well. ‘Champagne Toast’, (which is such a cute name!!) is slightly more orange toned and has shimmer. It has less colour pay off then Afternoon Tea but seems more like something one would layer on top of a lipstick, as the shine pay off is incredible! One thing that I, personally really don’t like about the lip glosses is the smell. I’m sure that I am only part of a small percentage of people who really dislikes sweets (and strawberries) – but I do, and unfortunately they small strongly of sweets, possibly strawberry flavoured sweets. In all honesty it really puts me off wearing them. Initially it told myself to get over it but I can smell it on my lips… It’s unfortunate because I would invest in some more colours for sure, maybe the bright red and another nude, but there’s no point for me as I just wouldn’t wear them enough.


Overall, I like the range and am more impressed with the nail varnishes more than the lip glosses (but that really is due to my personal preference in scent!). I love the packaging and the quality of products are really good. Well done Tanya 🙂

S x