Review: Laura Mercier crème eye liner in ‘graphite’.


The other week I was in my local Fenwick store, which has a fantastic beauty department. I found myself at the Laura Mercier counter and was gazing upon the beautiful spring ‘Renaissance’ collection for 2014. The muted green-ish gel eyeliner… Oh god, love at first sight! I looked into it no further and bought myself one.

The collection features the eyeliner in two shades – Graphite (new & limited edition), and Espresso (permanent, re-promoted). There is also a gorgeous palette (Enlightenment Eye & Cheek Palette), limited edition & permanent/re-promoted lip colours, metallic cream eye colours and lots more…


I have only ever used brown or black gel eye liner, so was intrigued to see how a different colour would work. Usually eye liner that isn’t black of brown would scare me, but because Graphite is off-green, muted and grey toned colour, I could see how it would be a great alternative. Once dry is is a matte colour and has no shimmer, which is perfect because otherwise I wouldn’t find it as wearable. I find it is just a bit more interesting, without drawing too much attention to the makeup instead of the actual eyes & when people are like, “Wow, she has really colourful eye makeup on”. It easily enhances pretty much all eye colours, especially brown I would think (I have blue eyes). I love it because it’s easier to wear than it may initially seem, especially once mascara is applied and it is toned down a little, yet still has the desired effect.


In terms of the formula, it is wetter than other cream/gel eyeliners that I use (e.g. Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner). For me this made it slightly more difficult to apply and achieve a line and flick with perfect precision. Personally, it required a little more patience. This however is also a good thing because it dries quickly and remains so for the entire day and really does not move, which is a real achievement on my eyes!

All in all I am very impressed with the look of the collection and really love this eye liner! It ticks all the boxes; original colour, wearable and long lasting. Unfortunately it is limited edition, which is really annoying to be honest as I can see this becoming a real staple product for me; and as we all know sadly gel eye liner really does not last for ever as it dries. It costs £19, which is on the pricey end but totally worth it. If you want a subtle lift of colour in your makeup, give it a go.

Have you tried any of the other products from the Laura Mercier Spring Renaissance collection?

S x