Makeup Brush Holders.


For some reason I’ve been having a mini super organised phase… I tidied and re-arranged my entire dressing table/drawers and realised how boring my old plane jars of makeup brushes were. I did some research on YouTube to find a decent tutorial to give me some ideas. It didn’t take me long to come across Ingrid, from missglamorazzi‘s video, which is very popular and I’m sure many beauty bloggers have seen and probably made their makeup holders using her tutorial, like myself!



Instead of really trying to explain how it works, Missglamorazzi’s video is below. The tutorial was very clear and made the process very easy to do! Good Luck!

What I used:

-Glass jars or glasses (I found the one with silver in Home Sense and the other one M&S left over from Christmas

Loose glitter from Hobbycraft

Mod Podge (gloss) with an old paintbrush

I found when I put the brushes in the newly designed jars, they got lots of glitter on them, so I coated the insides of the jars with matching tissue paper and sealed the edges with some Decopatch glue and an old paint brush! I also just cleaned the jars as one would normally with the washing up – hot water and washing up liquid.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, slightly different kind for me, but I enjoyed doing it, as I love DIY. Also, if you haven’t already checked out Missglamorazzi’s YouTube channel, you definitely should. She does great beauty and lifestyle videos and she’s so funny!

S x


2 thoughts on “Makeup Brush Holders.

  1. I love this!!! I’ve done this for my makeup brush holder and even a few other jars to use for storage! I love both of your jars so much. Even the simple rope tied around it makes it look so much nicer!

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