Review: Soap & Glory Kickass Concealer.

DSC_0178A few weeks ago I was in need of a concealer that I could throw in a handbag and use for touchups and on the go makeup application. I went to Boots, and had in my head that I would stick with what I know, Collection lasting perfection concealer – an incredibly hyped (for good reason!) product. I found myself at the Soap & Glory makeup stand and found the Kick Ass concealer. I had heard only little about this product; having said that it has recently popped up frequently on blogs. It immediately reminded me of the Laura Mercier undercover pot, so I thought I’d give it a go as drugstore dupes are something I’m always on the look out for.



As you can see, you get two concealers – one is a peachy-salmon tone and the other more yellow. There are two colour options: Light and Medium – not too great, I know. I got the colour “Light”. The peachy-salmon toned one is for under the eyes, to cancel out any darkness (blue/purple tones), which, let’s be honest we all get from time to time! The more yellow, natural skin coloured one is to conceal any imperfections elsewhere on the face i.e. blemishes and redness.



The product retails at £10 – which initially to me sounded like quite a lot for a drugstore concealer, however after realising that it is essentially a three-in-one product, it seemed pretty reasonable. The Laura Mercier undercover pot that I mentioned as a suitable dupe earlier, is basically the same yet three times the price (£30) – obviously there will be a difference in qualities. I personally have never tried it, but have always heard good things about it and thought it as a good idea – so when I saw the cheaper Soap & Glory option, I thought I’d give it a go first. I think that the packaging is really cute and perfectly compact. It’s all there, in the same place and they’re not too stingy with the amount of each product that you get. There is a little sponge applicator with the setting powder (“step 3”), so it’s so handy for on the go and not taking up too much space in your makeup bag. My skin is pretty dry, and when I first tried this I found that the yellow “superwear face concealer” (“step 2”) did not last and enhanced my dry patches. This was really disappointing, but I would think that if your skin is more on the oily side it could be better – although I have read about it simple “sliding off”, haha. If you generally find makeup sits well on your skin, then it should be fine, as when I first put it on and for the first few hours it covered imperfections beautifully and had a nice finish. The coverage was great. The under eye concealer I liked more, as it did cover dark circles really well for me, and lasted pretty well. I myself do not suffer from creasing under the eye, so did not have a problem with this, but I would worry if you generally find this does happen, this might not be a great option for you… The setting powder I really enjoyed using. It is translucent, and really sets the makeup in place, and makes the finish even more flawless without looking “cakey” at all. I have read that it is the same powder as the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot  translucent powder – if it is, I will definitely be buying it in the full size!


I think that this product is great, and fantastic value overall, however not something that will work for everyone due to the formula of the concealers, lasting power etc. Give it a go though, if it sounds up your street, or if you don’t want to splash out on the Laura Mercier high end alternative – it also makes a great handbag touchup product!

S x


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