Today’s Skincare Routine.


Benefit refined finish facial polish (£18.50)

Clearasil deep cleansing toner (£2.53)

La Roche-Posay hydraphase UV intense riche (£16.50)

Quinoderm 5

Lush mint julips lip scrub (£5.50)


My skincare routine stays pretty much the same most of the time, as the idea of changing it often doesn’t really sound like it’d do the skin much good at all… Due to the ongoing, dull winter weather at the moment, my skin is still suffering. It is so dry, however because naturally I have combination skin, during the day it can get quite oily – ugh. A couple of times a week, I will exfoliate, otherwise when putting on makeup it is just a nightmare, because it’ll be flaky and seriously dry! So what I have been loving to do this with is the Benefit refined finish facial polish, because it really leaves my skin squeaky clean. It leaves a smooth finish, especially as I like to leave it on the skin (after rubbing it in to erase any flaky dry skin) for about 5 minutes. The lady at the Benefit counter suggested I did this, and I really liked the way this technique worked.

After exfoliating, I apply toner on a cotton pad. I have been using the Clearasil deep cleansing toner for quite a long time now, and always find myself going back to it. It is really good for acne prone skin. With the help of this product, I find that I can really remove all the dirt and excess oil, and it also does a good job of tightening those pores!

The La Roche-Posay moisturiser is a fairly new one to my routine, however I have been really enjoying it so far. As my skin is combination, I need good moisture because it does get very dry, however my skin annoyingly also gets oily. This means that finding a super nourishing moisturiser that helps with dry patches, yet does not leave a ton of oil that will make my makeup literally slide off the following is difficult. This one, anyhow, pretty much does what I require! I first heard good reviews about the brand from A Model Recommends (Ruth Crilly) on her YouTube channel. I had high expectations, and was not disappointed. The product feels really light on the skin, has helped a lot with the dryness, and has not added excess oil. A winner, for me!

I have already spoken about the Quinoderm spot treatment products in my blogpost “Three Spot Treatments.”. I opt for the Quinoderm 5 not 10 on a daily basis because it is not so strong – it is still pretty effective however will not dry out my skin so much, seeing as it contains half the volume of benzoyl peroxide.


I have really fallen in love with this lip scrub by Lush… First of all, it smells god damn delicious. Oh wait, it also tastes delicious! When I first heard about these (originally just the bubblegum and popcorn flavours) people said the rub it into their lips (as you do) and simply lick it off. To me this just sounded bizarre, and I assumed it was a personal preference type of thing. Nonetheless I went and bought one, as my winter cracked lips were simply in need of help! On the cute little pot, I read it and it actually directed that you lick it off! Suddenly it sounded even better. Apart from going on about how tasty a lip scrub is, it does actually work as a scrub – it easily removes and dry or flaky skin. Also I love how it is not messy, I had never really gotten into lip scrubs because they seemed a bit pointless. This one is quite a dry formula, and as you just lick it off, it really is no nonsense of bother.

I hope this was useful for some of you out there who are also under the condition of troublesome, winter skin!

S x


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