Three Spot Treatments.

I think we’re all in search of the perfect spot treatment, that actually works consistently and quickly. Everyone’s skin is different, and will work differently with every product used on it. My skin is very prone to spots and blemishes, unfortunately! I have tried so many treatments – seriously. So many of them just did not do a lot at all, and what I often found is that they did the first stage, ie. changing from a sore red spot to a white head, and then just did nothing afterwards. These three products work for me more than any others I have tried, so I thought I’d share them with you.


Origins super spot remover, Clinique anti-blemish solutions spot treatment gel, Quinoderm 10

For each of these three products, I usually just squeeze a little onto my finger, and rub it into the blemish. The Origins and Cinique treatments are gel formulas, and what I use on a daily basis. Whenever I get blemishes (which is pretty often!), they are always incredibly stubborn, so for me, no treatments will erase the blemish completely within a few days. These will help, and make them less visible, and usually eventually get rid of them. The Quinoderm cream is stronger, and something I use when I really need to get rid of a spot for any reason. The brand is not available very easily – I buy mine in local pharmacies, but it can also be purchased online. I think this is because it contains benzoyl peroxide, which is not used as often any more, probably because it is quite strong. I would not recommend this for sensitive skin as it would just be too harsh. There is a less strong version, Quinoderm 5, which would be less harsh on the skin.


The Origins super spot remover is £14, the Clinique one is £14 too. Quinoderm 10 varies in price but should be less than £5, so very affordable, and in my mind, the most effective out of the three. The only reason I don’t use it on a daily basis (or the Quinoderm 5), is just so that I don’t dry out my skin. If you’re really struggling with blemishes, and like me, they really bother you, give any of these a go, especially the Quinoderm 10 or 5 because it contains the most effective ingredients.

I’d love to know if you have any spot treatments you’d like to recommend, so leave a comment!

S x


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